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Best Aquaculture Practices Tilapia Farm Certification

Global Aquaculture Alliance has developed and copyrighted a certification process for tilapia farms.  A set of standards and guidelines that are used to improve tilapia aquaculture practices.  There are four primary areas that the certification focuses on Community, Environment, Food Safety and Traceability.

According to the Best Aquaculture Practices website you have to meet the following requirements:

To be certified applicants shall comply with all (100%) of the critical inspection requirements on the Tilapia Farm Application (In Microsoft Excel format), score at least 70% on the scored inspection requirements and maintain specified production records for traceability for at least three months. After five years, certified facilities shall comply with all critical requirements and score 80% or better on the scored requirements.

These Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards apply to the production of tilapia in ponds or cages/net pens in lakes, reservoirs and other water bodies.


BAP Sample Application/Audit

Best Aquaculture Practices Certification Standards, Guidelines, Tilapia Farming from Youmanitas EF | Aquaponics Fish Farms | Europe
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